Project description

  • 8 Showers controlled individually by rfid readers
  • 1 Outsite gate controlled by 2 rfid readers

Shower control system:

        [Relay controlling water flow on Location A] <----------(Shower impulse) ------------ I:if accepted
                                           |                                                 \
                                          / (Shower impulse)                                  \
                                         /                                                     \
  [Fail safe: button Location A]--------/ I: if fail safe system turned on (power on a wire?)  |
  [RFID reader Location A] --------(Wiegand26: Location A and tag id)----> [Access Control computer]

Gate control system:

       Fail safe: Gate has state so that it is activated by movement
          [Gate] <---------(Gate impulse)-------------------------\
                                                                   \ I: if accepteed
  [RFID reader] ------(Wiegand26: Location A and tag id)--\         \
  [RFID reader] ------(Wiegand26: Location A and tag id)----> [Access Control Computer]

RFID readers requires (at least) 4 wires, 2 for data, 1 gnd and one power (??V and ??A). More needed if LED and buzzer are used. Gate impulse requires 2 wires running at ??V and ?? A, ??


  • 10 RFID Readers Wiegand26
  • 1 Access Control Computer (1 repeater computer if wire laying down is cumbersome)
  • 10 Terminals for communicating with rfid readers (maybe 16 for expansion?)
  • 1 digital controlled relay for sending gate impulse
  • 8 digital controlled relays for sending show impulses
  • 8 buttons for fail safe shower solution
  • 8 relays controlled by fail safe buttons in showers
  • 1 rfid usb reader for tag management
  • Software controlling it all
  • Many meters of cable


  • Is it possible to do it wireless? (bluetooth or wifi rfid readers?) (Power supply for readers are already present, or maybe use battery powered readers)
  • How to build (where to buy) Wiegand (+ extra) terminals (just use rs232 terminals?)
  • How to build relays for sending impulses


* RFID Readers wiegand26                    : 1000
* Terminal communicating with rfid readers  :  500
* RFID USB reader                           :  500 
* Access control computer                   : 2000
* Impulse releays                           :  500
* Fail safe buttons and relays              :  500
* Data cable
* Impulse cable
* Power supply cable 

POS computer

  • RFID reader
  • Touchpad


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